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After years of different programs , memberships and promises, with Fernando's help, I'm FINALLY getting the body I have always wanted!

James P.

Wow, this guy really knows what he's doing! My friends and I started just a few months ago and I can honestly say that we are all very happy; I am ecstatic. Lost 13 pounds of soft stuff and am trim and strong.

Suzie D.

The best athletic trainer I have ever worked with. I am stronger, faster, healthier and at my peak! My coaches and competition are in for a big surprise!

Trevyon K.

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A Bit About Me

My Philosophy and Your Pathway!

Attitude and Lifestyle

It all starts with a desire to be the person that you want to be with the life that you want to have. It takes the right attitude and mental strength to knock out the bad actions and habits in life and replace them with the right positive ones. You need to fill and structure your life with positive, beneficial information and activity!


The right diet and nutrition are central to everything. It is what gives you the physical and mental strength to not only transform your body but live your life as happy and healthy as possible. I'll give you a custom diet and nutrition program to optimize your strength, energy and outlook!

Exercise and Training

With the right attitude and healthy diet you can now have the diet and FUEL to get optimal results from your exercise and training. My years of experience in perfecting peoples body's to achieve their performance and fitness goals is yours. I have years of designing and coaching custom workout programs that can rapidly transform body performance and look.

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